What is ADS?

     ADS (Auction Data Search) is a sister site of www.hasnihon.com. This site is a search engine designed for used car auctions, local dealers and show-rooms available in Japan. It crawls the biggest auction systems, dealer, show-room chains, translates them from Japanese to English and organizes the big amount of vehicles for you to search easily. By this way, you can search various kinds of vehicles provided by auctions, local dealers and show-rooms in Japan. All you need to do is use this system from your office/home even if you don't know Japanese at all.

     We're one of the leader companies that developed this kind of search site. So, we hope that you get all of the advantages of our system and purchase your desired vehicles here with ease and enjoy.

     Please check out About System page for all the details while purchasing directly from Japanese Auto Auctions.


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Current number of vehicles in ADS
202,780 units.

Latest Updates & Company News:.

  • Check the sold prices of vehicles
    Now you can check the prices of sold vehicles in past three months across different auctions of Japan. Click here to go to page.

  • Auction Sheet Translation
    We have updated our translation request feature of Auction sheets. Now you can view your requested translation in the ADS My Account page.

  • Bidding history
    If you have placed a bid via ADS you can review them at bidding history page.

How ADS works?

*For detailed explanation please see About System page.
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