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Company Info

HAS-NIHON TRADING CO. LTD., established in 1998, has emerged as one of the organizations enriched with experience to serve in an efficient manner, appropriate to specific needs surpassing customers expectations. Company's steady growth has been a real compliment to the philosophy of constant diversification to keep abreast to global marketing standards of the industry. We have achieved this goal through our good team of managers & staff.

HAS-NIHON TRADING CO. LTD., has a global customer base from more than 40 countries. It has been the real essence in its expertise for offering broad range of automotives from a simple sedan car to a most heavy-duty cranes, & all type of automotive spare parts. We also deal in motor-bikes, jet-skies, & boats.

The key to our success mainly come from focusing on customers & caring about their inquiries, valuable ideas, & feedbacks. Our interactive approach to provide solutions based on;

  • Searching & selection of vehicles based on customers needs.
  • Delivery of vehicle as fast as possible, or on the customers required dates.
  • Transparent & true information about the vehicle in the offering.
  • Detailed physical inspection of each unit before shipment, on arrival of our yard.
  • Continuous after-sales support for the customers.

Location: Zip: 350-1311, 1158-1 Naka-Shinden, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
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Company's Activities & Global Network

Export all kinds of used & damaged vehicles, light & heavy buses/trucks, machinery, motor-bikes, jet-skies, boats, and used & new spare parts.

Exporting Destinations & Main Markets Cyprus, Australia, Canada & UK are our main markets, where we have continuous shipments. But we can export to nearly any port of the world, if commercial shipping service is available for the port.

Stock Yards

Our main stock yards are in located in JAPAN. But we also have stock in NICOSIA / N.CYPRUS, to make instant supply to our customers in N.Cyprus on wholesales basis.

Stock in Japan & Auction through our Web

Our registered members can view our stock in Japan at this web-site. To become our member & obtain a password to view the stock, please click the link given at our Stock List page.

We have 2 different types of membership:

  • Regular Membership
  • Premium Membership

For membership details, please view our Terms page.

Our Team

HAS-NIHON TRADING CO. LTD. has a good team of Managers & Workers, to perform all work in planned & professional way, which makes us different from others. Here is a brief introduction of each department.

Export Department purchases vehicles from auctions all around Japan, besides from our recognized dealers. All the purchased vehicles are inspected by our Inspection Staff (Service Department), & uploaded to our On-line Auction first day for our Premium Member's first choice. Units not sold in auction are then transferred to our Stock List on this web-site. The Auction & Purchase department also searches vehicles according to inquiries from our Premium Members, for vehicles not available in our stock. Their main duty, besides this, is to participate in the auctions, & bidding on behalf of our Premium Members, and for our own stock. This department also manages the ADS system.

The Export Department also controls and introduces our stock units and help our customers, by providing necessary information about stock - like Translation of Auction Sheets, Availability of Specific Vehicles, additional inspection and helping to give necessary and additional information to customers, while negotiating with them. All detailed information and additional inspection reports, with new photos uploading, is also included in duties of this department. Helping to find the inquiries cars is also this departments job.

After the authorization from Accounting department they proceed with the shipment of vehicles according to the instructions of the customer. They, together with Service Department, maintain the condition and necessary arrangements to be completed before transporting the vehicles to the port of shipment, by communicating with the customer and getting the instructions from them. After shipment, they prepare all necessary documents and dispatch to the customer, again with the authorization of Accounting Department. This department has 3 Staff Members.

Accounting Department follows up the finance of the company & payments from customers. Concentration and efforts are required for collecting the money. For all vehicles sold through our On-line Auction or our Stock List on web, or Direct Purchases for Premium Members, invoices are generated by Accounting Department. As soon as Payment (partly of full ) from buyers is received, it delivers the documents of the vehicles to the Export Department to proceed the shipment of vehicles on earliest available vessel. This Department has 1 Manager and 2 Staff Members.

Documentation Staff checks for availability of proper & legal documents for each vehicle, & arranges Export De-Registration Papers for the vehicles going to be exported, make cancellations of the local number plates and look after all related jobs, as & when needed.

Parts Department look after all kind of parts inquires such as; Searching parts for the accidental cars which are already bought by our customers, or in the stock . They maintain the parts stock list on our website, by including the parts from our yard or by purchasing from dealers . Also they follow up the individual parts orders and purchasedirect for the customers and deliver the parts by Air Cargo or Post al Service. This Department has 2 Staff Members.

Service Department is the biggest department in our Company. They have Inspection Staff , Workshop Staff and Yard Staff. Their duties start with the arrival of the vehicles to our yard. They inspect every new entry by comparing with the auction sheet and take the photos for uploading to website. Also, workshop staff follow up the repairs of vehicle, if required. Our Workshop is fully equipped with necessary tools and skilled staff, to perform any type of repair work - from body to engine -. Our Workshop also repairs the problems like oil leaks, water leaks, exhaust leaks , A/C gas problems, etc. The repairs which do not need any parts replacement, are fixed as a complementary service to customer, without any charge. Some repairs, however, needs extra expense, and in such cases we mention those charges on top of the vehicles price. Yard staff follow up all jobs, related to stock yards, such as parking and storing the vehicles, cleaning and making ready for the shipment, putting in containers and transporting to port .They also dismantle & cut any vehicles to parts, in our workshop, according to the requirements of customers or for stock purpose. Total 12 persons are working in this department , 2 Managers , 3 Mechanics , 7 workers.

HAS-NIHON TRADING CO. LTD. also deals in accidented & damaged vehicles, Buses & Trucks, Motor Bikes, and Jet Skis. We also have License for De-Gassing & Dismantling of Vehicles, from Japanese authorities. This license is a must for parts export business.