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Terms Of Service;

In order to start bid vehicles in Japan Auctions by using ADS , you have to follow guidelines and terms of Service as under:

1. Joining To Membership ; Before you Bid:

You have to register yourself to Hasnihon Site , www.hasnihon.com and then upgrade your membership by choosing the Type of Purchase you wish to do and in what system ; See details in About Sytem page ( How can Purchase car through ADS).

2. Placing Bids in Auctions:

After Upgrading your membership to be eligible to bid in auctions through ADS , you can Search your vehicle in Auctions and make your offer by placing maximum desired Price on BID or FOB Base . Make sure you get full information and details about the Vehicles before making your bids.

Results of your bids will be informed by email & also can be checked in website, successful bids will be invoiced and P. Invoice will be issued accordingly.

P. Invoices will be issued , according to the selections chosen while placing your bids. If needed any change please inform ASAP, to be corrected.

If insurance for freight ( Marine and/or Fire and Theft Insurance) is also required please contact us as it is not included as standard. Data entry of all details and photographs are loaded onto the internet and view-able in the customers account. (My Account).

Vehicles are shipped approximately 7-14 days after purchase depending on shipping schedules and documentation unless opposite instruction not received by Customers.

3. Translation & Pre-Inspection Fees:

If you need additional support to make bidding for the desired car in auction, additional fees are required ;

A- Translation of auction sheet (report) :

As many as you required we can make translation in one day.

i) Premium Members :

For Premium Members translation of auction sheet is free without any restriction.

ii) Advance Deposit Members :

For Advance Deposit Members each auction sheet translation costs 500 Yen in following condition:

  • If customer doesn't place a bid after getting the translation, the translation will be invoiced.
  • If customer places a bid after getting the translation, the translation will be FREE; unless the placed bid is not way too low to become winner of the auction item.

The payment will not be needed upfront as can be paid with the P.invoice or we can deduct from Security Deposit at the end.

B- Pre-Inspection (Physical Check) Fee ;

Depending on circumstances, a physical check can be performed for an auction unit upon request. A physical check request has to be done 24 hours earlier then the auction day. If customer needs a physical check before placing a bid and if the physical check is possible for the auction unit, the charges will be as follows:

  • Physical inspection only : 3,000 Yen per unit.
  • Physical inspection & Detailed photos : 10,000 Yen per unit.

4. Negotiation Fee

Negotiation Fee is the fee, whenever the car was not sold in auction, and after auctioning finish, can purchase the car by calling the auction house and ask the auction house to negotiate with the seller and buy the car. By this way, there is an opportunity to buy the car cheaper or similar to your target price. In return, auction house fee will be expensive then normal and plus additional Negotiation Fee.

5. Payment Terms:

Payment has to be completed in %100 FULL after receiving the P. Invoice which will be issued one day after the purchase. Partial payment is not acceptable for purchases from Japan Auctions.

If the customer fails to pay the Full FOB Price for bought vehicles, after authorizing us for bidding in auction, the security deposit submitted for premium membership will be seized & your membership will be changed to ordinary. Company also reserves the rights of canceling ordinary membership too.

Payment is by Bank T/T in Japanese Yen or US$, however funds will only be credited in yen at the rate of day. Payments by Credit cards /PAYPAL are also acceptable.

We require that you keep a Security deposit of 100,000 yen in your account to continue bidding. If you have finished business with ADS then we can deduct this amount from your final purchase. You can purchase as many vehicles as you can pay for. The Security Deposit or Advance Deposit is just a goodwill measure to sort out the serious dealers from the web surfers.

6. Cancellation of a Purchased Unit:

The following penalties will be applied for cancellations:

An order for a vehicle can be cancelled at any time between the moment it is bought at auction and the moment it is booked on a ship for transportation from Japan. Once this booking has occurred, the order cannot be cancelled and the full value of the car must be paid.

In the event of cancellation, a cancellation fee of 100,000 Yen must be paid within 7 days, Meanwhile bidding for another car will stop and if not received within 7 days, deposit will be seazed and Membership will be cancelled. If you still want to purchase cars from auctions, you have to make another deposit as a security of Premium Membership.

7. Fob Price includes and excludes:

The FOB price includes all the regular costs for getting your car onto the ship (although not the shipping , ocean freight, itself). Once the car arrives in our country you will pay freight collect, compliance, registration, duty, tax etc. and all other costs there. You will have to find out what these will be as each nation has different laws concerning car imports.

8. Your countries import & registration restrictions:

We assume that the buyer knows what can and cannot be imported to the destination country. We will not bear responsibility for cars purchased if the buyer does not inform us before bidding of what restrictions are on vehicle importing. When bidding please enter relevant info into the Message box ( eg. Must be less than 5 years old, must have airbag etc.) for anything that is not obvious and not be seen (clear) in auction sheets.

We assume that buyers are familiar with the regulations concerning import approval and compliance for their own countries. As such, the responsibility to comply and register the car is entirely the buyers. We will deal with everything in the export process until the vehicle is landed in your country.

Customs, compliance, tax, duty, registration is entirely the buyers responsibility so please make sure you are familiar with all the regulations governing car importing into your nation.

9. Terminology:

FOB (Free On Board) = A + B

With FOB the customer is responsible for payment of the ocean freight to the destination port shipping agent. This largely depends on the shipping agent & destination ports. This term only includes the following:

A: Cost Price of the vehicle ( Auction / supplier buying cost)

B: Japan-side Exporters costs = Export Fee (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation etc.)

CI ( Cost and Marine Insurance )

The same as FOB but includes Marine insurance to ship the good)

C&F (Cost/Freight) = A + B + C

This is term contains the following:

A: Price of the Vehicle

B: Japan-side Exporters costs = Export Fee (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation etc.)

C: Ocean freight (this cost is the cost of shipping Lines Charges to carry the car to your country port)

CIF (Cost / Insurance / Freight)

The same as C&F but includes Marine insurance to ship the good)