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How to use Auction Data Search System to find your favorite cars from Japan Auto Auctions

Login through this panel in the page header.
Enter username & password given to you after registration.

Not registered yet? You can register from here.
Or get a demo access for free from here.

Login screen

After logging in, you will see a page like the following.
There are 3 search types you can switch between them at any time:

Search types

Search types:

  1. Modern Search.
  2. Classic Search.
  3. Search By Lot Number.

Model selection

Modern Search - Model Panel
  1. Models list.
  2. Deselect model.
  3. Model Types list.

Select your Models and Model Types and click "Next" to go to Auction selection panel.

Note: * Select none to search in all Models/Model Types.


Auction selection

Modern Search - Auction Panel

Select Day and Auction and click "Next" to go to Other selections panel.

* You can select multiple options by holding down Ctrl key while clicking on options.
* Select none to search in all Days/Auctions.


Other selections

Modern Search - Other Panel

In the above screen the following search criteria is set:

  1. Auction Grade is 5 or 6.
  2. Status is Auctioning.
  3. Displacement (Engine CC) is greater than or equal to 2500.
  4. Year is greater than or equal to 2012.
  5. Run is less than or equal to 100,000 KM.

(6) At this point, you can make your search.


Search results

There you go! After making your search, you will see the results as in the screen bellow:

Search results
  1. Totally 96 cars found at that moment.
  2. Sorting order swticher.
  3. Add the car to your list.
  4. You can go back to your search and alter your search cretiria.
  5. After clicking "Save search" button, give your search a name in the dialog box appears and press "OK".
    You will see your Saved searches in the left sidebar under "Saved searches" panel.
  6. Toggle sidebar.

Clicking on the vehicle's panel will open its details page in a new tab.


Vehicle Details Page

Vehicle Details
  1. Auction sheet explains the general condition of a car.
    It has written in Japanese and might be difficult to get details.
    However our auction staffs may help you to understand auction sheets.
  2. Bid options for the car is defined while placing an amount:

  3. Your offer amount for the bid.
  4. Bidding Price: Amount defines auction bidding price.
    FOB Price: Amount defines FOB price of the car.
  5. DP: Direct to Port.
    DHP: Transfer to Has-Nihon yard, then port.
    DHP+IP: Transfer to Has-Nihon yard, then port (car inspection & extra photos are included).

Bid Submission

After successfully submitting the bid, you will see a screen like the follwoing:

Offer Sent Screen

Search By Lot Number

There is also an option to search by Lot ID or Auction No.

Search By Lot Number

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Last updated on: 2019-10-19